Service for removing clothing in photos from Pixelmania

In this article, you will be able to find the answers you need to the question of how to quickly and easily remove clothes from your photo using the online tool “removing clothes from photos.”

Welcome to the Pixelmaniya club – the best service for clothes remover
Service for removing clothing in photos from Pixelmaniya

If you are reading this page – you have probably already used AI for your clothes removal photos
Did you want to get a piece of naked body or a complete match of your model in the photo?
Why should you choose retouching from real Pixelmaniya specialists rather than using AI? Because we will provide you with a different service! Handmade service!
A second navel or the absence of hands or six fingers, a blurred background, remnants of clothing – these are unpleasant “bonuses” of using AI

AI networks have improved their quality, you can’t argue with that
but we will provide other service for you!


Handmade service!
Live designers will do your retouching
Six fingers on a hand or a hand without fingers, legs blending into the background, I would not want to have such photographs in myself, if you do not want such artifacts in your photographs, then come to us.
You can draw Giaconda in AI and she will most likely arouse interest, but she will not be natural and only a replica.

The use of artificial intelligence for photo retouching is becoming increasingly popular. We recognize that AI has grown in image processing quality. However, AI still cannot cope with complex poses of models in photos, and often such tools can create unwanted effects, such as extra belly buttons, missing body parts, blurry backgrounds, or remnants of clothing. And if you don’t want to have a third hand or missing fingers, then at the Pixelmaniya clothing magic remover we offer you an alternative – retouching done manually by experienced specialists.

remove the dress from the photo
remove the dress from the photo

The excellence of manual retouching Pixelmaniya

Unlike the work of artificial intelligence, manual retouching provides a more natural and high-quality result. Our professional retouchers carefully work on each image, correcting the smallest details while maintaining its naturalness. You can always interact with the designer!

remove the dress from the photo

Individual approachAdd Your Heading Text Here

When ordering retouching from Pixelmaniya, you can be sure that your image will be processed taking into account your wishes and characteristics. We strive to ensure that every photo looks perfect, reflecting your personality and style. 

Quality and reliability

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in the field of retouching and photo processing. We guarantee high quality of services, compliance with deadlines and data confidentiality. At Pixelmaniya you can be sure that your image will be processed by professionals with love for their work. You can always adjust your image again and again! And you can apply this correction completely free of charge to an existing order! You can choose the breast size, the general age of the model and much more! We will make sure your retouching matches your requirements!

remove the dress from the photo
remove the dress from the photo

Direct interaction with the retoucher
retouching your images – unique and inimitable
retouching is your individual designer, and you
You will receive a natural retouching sample (full correspondence to your figure, weight, proportions, age), you always have the opportunity to repeatedly change your preferences.


When it comes to photo retouching, it is important to choose quality and reliability. At the Pixelmaniya club we offer you not just a service, but care for your image. Entrust your photos to professionals and enjoy perfect results!