Frequently Asked Questions

Pixelmaniya is an online service for your convenient and pleasant pastime. It works both as a website and as an application for devices. 150+ services for retouching the body, face, applying makeup, editing the entire photo, restoring and coloring images, new services in comic retouching.
Improve your face and body, make your figure slimmer, lose weight. Designers will provide you with the best quality retouching that you have come to expect.
Pixelmaniya is rewarding fun. You are always with cool pictures!

A simple and convenient interface of your personal account is at your service. Upload an image and choose one or more of the many functions. Send for retouching to the designer and wait a bit on the history page of your orders. You can learn more about using the cabinet on a separate dedicated to this HOW TO USE IT

Sometimes it is enough to wait 2-3 minutes to get the result. Time-consuming processes such as restoring a photo, coloring a photo or removing clothes from a photo take more time in the work of a designer. The latter service takes on average 15-45 minutes to produce the result. Restoration and painting will take up to 2 hours. We try not to make you wait for the result for a long time, but sometimes there is a queue and you need to wait a little longer for the finished work.

There is a function to return the photo for revision with your comment. You can do this from the history page of your orders by clicking the corresponding button and adding a comment in the window.

We provide 20 bonus tokens upon registration to your account! This is enough for four orders. And this is enough to understand whether you will continue to use Pixelmania. We do not use automated methods and artificial intelligence neural network methods. All the work is done by real people and their work is paid accordingly. A large selection of tokens allows you to make any choice and again understand how good it is.

Also, Pixelmania always credits additional significant bonuses to regular customers after the balance expires.

You can pay for tokens with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, JCB cards issued in countries. An important condition for a successful payment is your card’s support for the 3DS security protocol. This is a kind of two-step user authorization with SMS confirmation. If you cannot pay including these conditions – contact your bank with this question.

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