Clothes removal, shoes removal and object removal! Three similar services from the online retouching service Pixelmaniya!

Clothes removal, shoes removal and object removal! Three similar services from the online retouching service Pixelmaniya!

Pixelmaniya clothes and shoe removal tools work in a similar way and are divided into different services only for your convenience and greater satisfaction of your goals! After all, the client who removes clothes in his photos does not always want his shoes to be removed as well. Or vice versa – when there is a need to remove both clothes and shoes from photos of persons at the same time. And the third magic tool is to remove an object from a photo. As a rule, this is a person who accidentally got into the frame, or minor details of the landscape and events in the photo that I would like to remove from this picture.

remove shoes from photo
remove shoes from photo

Clear your memories: Remove objects from photos with Pixelmaniya

In our pursuit of visual storytelling excellence, Pixelmaniya offers an exclusive photo removal service for just 25 coins. This service allows you to remove any unwanted elements from your photos, be it a person accidentally caught in the frame, an unwanted object, an animal, defects in the photo, or even a whole crowd of people. Pixelmaniya guarantees that each image will be processed taking into account all your wishes, returning the photos to purity and exclusivity and correctly restoring the background in place of the deleted object

Remove object from photo
Remove object from photo

How it works?

  1. Uploading a photo: Simply upload the photo from which you want to remove objects to your personal account on the Pixelmaniya website.
  2. Selecting objects to remove: Specify which elements in the photo you want to remove. You can select one or more objects – just add markers for the objects to be deleted (this is a red cross, a service icon)
  3. Automated processing: With the help of advanced artificial intelligence technologies and the work of live designers, quickly and accurately removes selected objects without leaving a trace and you will be satisfied with the living natural background.
  4. Review and Approval: After processing, you will have the opportunity to review the result and confirm your satisfaction before the photo is finally saved.
  5. Download the final image: The completed photo will be available for download in your account.


Benefits of using Pixelmaniya to remove objects:

  • Professional Quality: Pixelmaniya uses only the latest tools and technology to ensure flawless results.
  • Fast and efficient processing: Removing objects occurs quickly, without requiring much time or effort from the user.
  • Affordable price: For the symbolic cost of 25 coins, you get access to high-quality retouching.
  • Versatility: Whether you need to remove a small item or a large group of people, Pixelmaniya can handle the task.


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We invite you to the retouching office on the Pixelmaniya website!

Don’t let random objects ruin your perfect photo. Visit the retouching office on the Pixelmaniya website and take advantage of our object removal service. Clear your memories of everything unnecessary, keeping only what is truly important for your perfect photos. Pixelmaniya is your key to a flawless visual story.

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